Barrier-free access

at the Stadttheater Minden means …

that we want to make our theatre accessible to everyone, regardless of any disabilities they may have. That is why we have created various amenities that make it easier for people with disabilities to share the theatre experience with all visitors.

The Minden Municipal Theatre is equipped with a system that allows various adaptations to be offered, depending on the degree of hearing impairment. For people with mild hearing loss who can still get by in everyday life without a hearing aid, we have assistive listening devices that amplify the stage sound and transmit it directly to earphones, which we provide. The assistive listening devices are available from the box office.

We are also easily accessible for wheelchair users and people with walking difficulties thanks to a ramp in the outdoor area. Specially designated wheelchair spaces round off what we can offer. You will currently find the disabled WC in the basement of the theatre café. After the renovation, there will be additional disabled-accessible sanitary facilities at ground level in the foyer.