Containment Coronavirus


Alle Veranstaltungen im Stadttheater Minden finden in Übereinstimmung mit der zum Zeitpunkt der Veranstaltung in NRW geltenden Corona-Schutzverordnung statt und darüber hinaus mit weiteren selbstauferlegten Maßnahmen statt.

Current news

As soon as the general circumstances change, we will adjust our event stagings and inform you about this via our website as well as the daily press.

Our hope rests on a return to unhindered theatre attendances, but until then, we would like to work with you to find the best possible and safest way to enjoy culture. We would be very pleased if you would join us on this journey. Our thanks already go to you for your solidarity, your patience, your love of theatre and your visit to the Stadttheater Minden!

Landesregierung NRW
Stadt Minden (corona)

How does corona ticketing work?

Order now, pay later

In order to be able to guarantee maximum safety, we are offering you a special service in the 21 / 22 season. Instead of buying tickets as before, we are retaining our reservation procedure this season: you can conveniently book your events online or by phone and payment is only made one week before the event. Please note:

  • you can print out the tickets yourself or they will be sent to you after online payment.
  • Payment and collection at the “express-Tickets & mehr” advance booking office is also possible.
  • You can of course, as always, book at our usual advance booking offices.